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Occupational Health

Industrial Medical Services

Industrial medical services help improve employee health and wellness by offering convenient access to care for employees who get injured at work. Occupational health services by Medcor also can include essential care services from the onsite clinic at low or no cost for employees and their dependents.

Keeping workers healthy prevents workplace injuries, helping everyone stay safe. And when work injuries do happen, fully equipped medical professionals deliver experienced care to get them back to work quickly and safely.

You save money on unnecessary care and claims, and injured workers get exceptional medical care without having to leave work.

Services Industrial Medical Clinics Provide

Occupational health clinics by Medcor provide convenient access to care, treating and preventing work-related injuries, improving employee health and reducing costs. When workers have convenient health and wellness care available, they’re also more likely to be proactive and take better care of their overall health.

Medcor offers the following services to create custom occupational health solutions:

Occupational Medicine

Treat work-related injuries onsite, rehabilitating workers for a safe return to duties.

Tests & Screenings

Onsite drug and alcohol testing and screening for chronic illnesses keeps workers healthy while removing barriers to care.

Medical Support Services

Rapid-response teams for medical support, screening, testing, consulting and training services.


Offering comprehensive occupational health solutions to ensure compliance and safety.

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Keep your workers safe and healthy with a custom combination of industrial medical services. Speak with a Medcor advocate — one of our employees — to find the blend that meets your business’s needs.

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