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Workers’ Compensation

How to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs

When an employee is injured on the job, it interrupts the workflow of your whole team. And you incur the costs associated with the injured employee’s medical care and lost productivity.

Medcor helps you control these costs with our occupational health services. Our customized safety programs, injury and illness triage and onsite clinics staffed with healthcare professionals help you reduce workers’ compensation costs by:

  • Preventing workplace accidents and injuries
  • Providing the right care when injuries happen
  • Monitoring injured workers’ progress for return to work

We help you reduce your workers’ compensation costs with our onsite clinics, injury and illness triage and safety services.

Top Strategies for Reducing Workers’ Compensation Costs

Improving overall employee health and safety with Medcor can significantly reduce overall costs while improving your company’s reputation. By preventing unnecessary claims, you are keeping people out of the traditional healthcare system, preventing overtreatment and overprescribing, facilitating wellbeing, supporting safety initiatives and injury prevention, resulting in substantial reductions in cost and positive health outcomes.

Our customizable workplace health and safety solutions help you reduce workers’ compensation costs in four ways:

Worksite Safety Training

One of the best things you can do to decrease your workers’ compensation costs is invest in comprehensive worksite safety training for your team. This training, led by industry-trained safety professionals, helps your workers identify and avoid potential hazards, decreasing the likelihood of on-the-job accidents.

We also can deploy safety professionals to your worksite for complex safety concerns or additional oversight.

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Onsite Clinics

Providing quality medical care at an onsite clinic when an employee is injured on the job decreases the costs associated with workers’ compensation claims. When an injured employee receives appropriate care onsite, they can return to work safely and efficiently, helping you avoid a needless claim.

Additionally, having essential healthcare services for employees at onsite clinics also improves the overall health of your workforce. When workers have access to quality, convenient care, they are more likely to take care of themselves and show up to work healthy, decreasing their risk of on-the-job injuries.

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Injury and Illness Triage

Injury and illness triage has become an industry best practice and business investment by the results it has produced, such as reduction of incurred costs, litigation rates, claim open times and improved profitability, creating its own profit center. 

Medcor’s 24/7 injury and illness triage service is a pre-claim telehealth solution powered by proprietary technology and patented methods utilizing evidence-based medicine to assess and navigate callers to the best level of care, reducing unnecessary offsite visits and costs. These results are delivered by providing clients direct-to-nurse access from the start of their injury, answering our calls in 60 seconds or less and with 100% focus to immediately begin assessing the injured worker.

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Return to Work Plans

A strong return to work plan for injured employees ensures they are approved to return to their duties and that they can safely perform their job. These plans can include a timeline of follow-up visits after an injury, physicals to assess the employee’s health to return to work and the implementation of any modifications or part-time scheduling necessary for the injured employee to perform their job safely.

With a Medcor workers’ comp nurse case manager, you will receive convenient, onsite coordination with injured employees’ care providers, workers’ compensation insurance and the employee to manage the case through the employee’s safe return to work.

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Lower Your Workers’ Compensation Costs While Providing Valuable Employee Benefits

Medcor is your trusted partner in reducing your workers’ comp costs. We are dedicated to providing your employees quality care that considers your bottom line.

Your employees are your largest investment, and Medcor helps you protect that investment by maintaining a healthy workforce.

We use evidence-based medicine and dedicated health advocates — our employees — to deliver the appropriate level of care to an injured employee. Safety training helps you mitigate the risks that could lead to injuries, avoiding claims entirely.

Healthy workers are happy workers, and offering these services to your employees boosts morale, decreases the risk of injuries and improves your employee retention rates.

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