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Construction Health & Safety 

Insurance Wrap-Up Services

Your construction project has a lot riding on its completion on time and on budget. Because of this, you are carrying wrap-up insurance (OCIP or CCIP) insurance to protect your project if workers are injured. 

Medcor’s suite of occupational health services can help you significantly reduce claim costs and litigation rates while improving claim closure times. 

Occupational Health Clinics 

Medcor’s onsite clinics and mobile clinics provide experienced occupational health technicians (OHTs) at any type of worksite for prompt injury assessment. Workers receive the right level of care for their injuries, and only those workers whose injuries truly require offsite care are routed to in-network providers. This keeps medical costs, workers’ compensation claims and OSHA recordables low. 

Integrated Injury Prevention 

The first step to reducing the cost of claims is preventing injuries before they happen. With Medcor’s Integrated Injury Prevention service, delivered by Work RightNW, you get a proactive approach to identifying causes of potential injuries and taking steps to mitigate them. 

Safety Training & Consulting

Keeping worksite safety front of mind is key to preventing injuries and keeping workers safe. Medcor’s safety training professionals customize safety training courses to address each individual site’s concerns. Our safety consulting services help identify site-specific safety hazards to aid in further injury prevention.  

Drug & Alcohol Testing 

Drug and alcohol on the job are among the leading causes of workplace accidents, and they are completely avoidable hazards. With a drug and alcohol testing program managed by Medcor, onsite tests can be conducted for pre-employment screening, random testing programs and spot testing for suspicion of intoxication. This reduces your costs of offsite testing programs while increasing test accuracy. 

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