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Construction Health & Safety 

Oil, Gas and Chemical Plant Project Services 

Keeping your oil, gas or chemical plant project on time and on budget is crucial. Each work-related injury could delay your completion time and cause you to rack up medical costs. 

With Medcor’s construction health and safety services, your oil, gas or chemical plant project can keep your workers safe and healthy, while keeping your project on time. 

Oil, gas and chemical plant construction sites present their own set of unique hazards, including sustained loud noises and exposure to airborne particulates. When workers are injured, getting prompt assessment and treatment of their injuries is essential — and this task can be challenging if your worksite is in a remote location. With Medcor, your worksite can have what you need to keep workers safe and healthy, under one umbrella. 

Case Study

See how Medcor helped 86% of injured Montana Renewables workers return to duties without offsite care with an onsite clinic. Staff have provided more than 400 drug and alcohol tests onsite, as well as emergency response training, case management services, OSHA reporting and CPR and safety training to keep this team of up to 600 employees safe and healthy.

Download your copy of this case study to learn how Medcor’s onsite clinics can keep your worksite safer, reducing instances of accidents and decreasing workers’ compensation claim rates.


Occupational Health Clinics

Medcor’s onsite clinics and mobile clinics offer experienced occupational health technicians (OHTs) to meet your worksite’s needs, giving your workers comfort knowing there is a nearby medical professional if they need one. These clinics provide the right level of care for work-related injuries, only routing those who need additional care to offsite medical facilities. This helps keep your medical costs, workers’ compensation claims and OSHA recordables low while offering your workers excellent care. 

Additionally, our clinics provide easy access to surveillance programs to keep your workers safe and healthy, including respirator fit testing and audiometric testing. This not only keeps your workers healthy, but it helps you avoid preventable illnesses in the workplace. 

Safety Training & Consulting 

A commitment to worksite safety is essential to injury prevention and overall worker safety. Our safety training professionals can customize safety training courses that meet your team’s and worksite’s individual needs. Safety consulting services also help you identify the safety hazards at your site, helping you mitigate them before they can cause further injuries. 

Drug & Alcohol Testing 

Medcor can be your partner in keeping your workplace drug- and alcohol-free, keeping your workers their sharpest and your worksite free of hazards. Onsite drug and alcohol testing saves you time and money, increasing worker compliance and allowing you to spot test employees on a random basis or due to suspicion of intoxication. 

Integrated Injury Prevention 

Support total worker health by identifying situations that could cause workers injuries and taking steps to prevent them. Our Integrated Injury Prevention services, delivered by Work RightNW, provides a proactive approach to reducing the rates of costly injuries. 

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