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Industrial Infrastructure & Facilities Services 

Your industrial infrastructure project has a lot riding on its timely completion. There are too many moving parts — and too many workers onsite — to risk on-the-job injuries delaying all your progress. 

With Medcor’s construction health and safety services, your industrial infrastructure and facilities project can keep workers safe and healthy while staying on budget and on schedule. 

Ensuring your workers are at their healthiest and highest performing is essential to keeping your project on track. Managing total worker health includes offering prompt assessment and treatment of on-the-job injuries, trained safety professionals for specialized jobs, preventing injuries with a proactive approach, decreasing the instances of drugs and alcohol at work and supporting workers’ efforts to improve their mental and physical health and wellness. With Medcor, your worksite can have all these services — and more — under one umbrella. 

Case Study

See how Medcor’s onsite clinic saved one data center client $1.4 million in avoided workers’ compensation costs in 16 months. 

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Medcor has broad knowledge and experience offering occupational health services to industrial infrastructure and facilities projects. Our teams have helped keep workers safe and healthy on a wide variety of worksites.

Occupational Health Clinics

Medcor’s onsite clinics and mobile clinics provide experienced occupational health technicians (OHTs) at any type of worksite, giving your workers comfort knowing there is a medical professional nearby if they need one. These clinics give workers the right level of care for their injuries, routing only those who need additional care to offsite medical facilities. This keeps your medical costs, workers’ compensation claims and OSHA recordables low while offering excellent care to your workers. 

Safety Training & Consulting  

Maintaining worksite safety is essential to preventing injuries and keeping workers safe. Medcor’s safety training professionals can customize safety training courses to meet your site’s individual needs. Our safety consulting services help you identify the safety hazards at your site to aid in further injury prevention. 

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Medcor can help you manage your entire drug and alcohol testing program to keep your workers their sharpest and your worksite free of hazards. Onsite drug and alcohol testing saves you time and money, increasing compliance and allowing you to spot test employees on a random basis or due to suspicion of intoxication. 

Employee Wellness Programs 

Keeping workers healthy goes beyond managing injuries when they happen. Supporting your workers’ health and wellness journeys, both mental and physical, will give you happier, more satisfied, harder working employees for your projects. From mental health counseling to wellness challenges, one-on-one health coaching to goal setting assistance, Medcor’s employee wellness team can help your workers be at their best. 

Integrated Injury Prevention 

Support total worker health by identifying things that could cause workers injuries and taking steps to prevent them. Our Integrated Injury Prevention services, delivered by Work RightNW, is a proactive approach to reduce rates of costly injuries. 

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